There is no question about the fact that garbage disposal units constitute the best type of fixtures to considerably reduce the amount of organic trash and can dispose it in an environmentally safe manner via the septic tank or local sewage lines.

However, that does not mean that every model’s potential makes it a suitable candidate for your kitchen. In order to make an educated selection, homeowners need to be able to compare them, taking into account all the factors involved and that is what our website aims to help you do just that!

For example, you need to be aware of whether or not the amount of racket the unit makes is appropriate for your settings, particularly if you live in a flat and you have sensitive neighbors. On the other hand, the muffling capabilities might not be an important characteristic in the event that your home is located in a secluded area or when the structure is affixed with sound insulation.

Alternatively, you might have questions regarding the difficulty of the installation, the RPM and the power of the motor, the durability of the blades and the grinding chamber, the price range, feeding method, the space it requires under the sink, and etc.