Waste King Vs. InSinkErator

The garbage disposal unit is without a doubt one of the most important fixtures in every modern household, not only because of the convenience associated with the ability to finely grind the organic waste but also due to environmental considerations. Among all the waste disposers’ manufacturers on the market nowadays, Waste King and InSinkErator are probably the two most well known. With a wide range of models that can adapt to the individual specs of the house, the two companies have really earned a lot of popularity. But when you are forced to replace your old garbage disposal unit, which one should you choose?

Now, the answer to that question depends on several factors such as:

  • The budget you can afford to allocate for the purchase
  • The dimensions of the home and the number of residents
  • Power/water consumption
  • Grinding capabilities
  • Durability of the unit
  • Whether you are utilizing a septic tank or the house is connected to the city sewage pipelines

Price considerations

When you intend to spend as little as possible on your new garbage disposer but you still want a functional and durable unit, the low-end models of Waste King are definitely the right choice. Models in the Waste King 2600 range can definitely outperform the Badger series (the lowest priced models manufactured by InSinkErator). However, the truth is that the low price of these units does not make them as attractive to the customers, compared to the more powerful and durable high end like the Waste King Legend or the InSinkErator Evolution series (Excel, Essential, Septic Assist).

Grinding capabilities

Speaking of the Evolution models, they seem to be quite a bit more popular than the Waste King Legend and the InSinkErator Evolution Excel is definitely the best one. Waste King 8000 or 9800 have the advantage of a slightly more powerful motor than most units in the Evolution (except the Excel), meaning 1 HP versus 3/4 HP. The price of these series is pretty similar, revolving $120-$160, but usually the Waste King Legend units cost around $20 less than InSinkErators with analogous specifications and features.

Noise levels

In terms of sound cancelation, the Waste King Legend garbage disposal units incorporate pretty impressive muffling technology, but they’re no match for the InSinkErator Evolution series and especially not the Excel model. In fact, the typical Evolution waste disposer produces around 40% (60% for the Excel) less noise while functioning by comparison to standard models. At the same time, the quick-lock technology enables you to install an InSinkErator much easier than a Waste King.

Environmental factors

The conclusion is that low end Waste Kings are superior to their InSinkErator counterparts in terms of functionality, but the higher end units produced by InSinkErator are generally better and slightly more expensive. At the same time, units like InSinkErator Septic Assist and Excel are recommended for homeowners who utilize septic tanks because they incorporate the Bio-Charge technology, utilizing microorganisms to help in dissolving organic compounds faster. However, most Waste King Legend units are equally capable of making the organic waste suitable for the septic tank thanks to their powerful motors that can produce more RPM.