Waste King 9980 Legend Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Operation Waste Disposer

The debate between the supporters of garbage disposal units and the critics of these devices can go on forever. Both sides make some good points and the latter can argue that the local administration of certain cities has explicitly forbidden the utilization of the appliances because the older waste pipelines infrastructure is not capable to handle the residue or due to the fact that the waste disposal plants are not retrofitted to recycle it.

However, the main reason why many believe that garbage grinders cause more harm than good resides in the suboptimal performance of the cheaper units. Truth be told, if a garbage disposal cannot effectively liquefy the waste, then the larger pieces resulted in the process would make clogs an imminent reality. Not only that, but septic tank users would have to empty their containers more frequently.

And now the good news: the design of the Waste King 9980 Legend Series model has been optimized in order to eliminate all the aforementioned issues. It may not operate on the new dual stage grinding cycle proprietary to the InSinkErators, but the substantially more powerful motor can easily compensate for the setback. We’ll discuss the motor powering this garbage grinding “beast” in a moment, but let’s first review the primary features of the product.

Features of Waste King 9980

  • The dimensions of the Waste King 9980 measure 17.5 inches in height, 9.80 inches in width and 9.8 inches in depth, with a weight of 11.8 pounds
  • The grinding components of the disposal unit are constructive from highly durable, rustproof steel alloys, for an extended lifespan
  • Moving parts and the grinding chamber come with an effective sound insulation, which makes the operation extremely quiet
  • The installation of the appliance is definitely simplistic and it can easily replace most garbage disposal units without the need to modify the pipes or the kitchen cabinetry
    The Waste King 9980 is affixed with its own splash guard and the 36 inch power cord is included in the package
  • The 1 Horsepower motor of the device can execute over 2800 rounds per minute, increasing not only its speed, but also the proficiency in grinding tougher waste
  • One of the few models that can be safely utilized in homes equipped with septic tanks
  • The quality of the Waste King 9980 is guaranteed by the most extensive warranty in the industry
  • Power consumption is within normal levels and will not jack up the utility bill


A robust garbage disposal unit affixed with a vigorous 1 Hp electric engine that can output over 2800 RPM, constructed from the finest rustproof steel alloys money can buy and imbedding the latest sound proofing technology, the Waste King 9980 is an excellent addition to any sanitary kitchen.