Preparations for muscle relaxation

Relaxants are drugs that relax the transverse-axial musculature. As a result, skeletal muscle tone decreases and stiffness and sluggishness in movements appear, and overall muscle activity decreases. Initially, muscle relaxants were only used by anesthesiologists to relieve muscle tone during surgery. Now medications are widely used in other areas of medicine and in cosmetology. If you are looking for a reliable store with medical drugs, you should visit


Depending on the action, the following relaxants are distinguished:

  • central;
  • peripheral.

In the first case, the drug depresses the central structures of the muscles, affecting the departments of the central nervous system, the brain and the regulation of muscle tone. Peripheral – relax the voluntary muscles and stop the signal from the nerve to the muscle. Buy central muscle relaxants are available as therapeutic drugs for movement disorders, for use in surgery, neurology, anesthesiology. They also prevent post-traumatic complications. Peripheral agents are intended to locally relax muscle tissue and to relieve pain and spasms. They relieve tone during surgical intervention, and are used for tracheal intubation. 


Because the drugs seriously affect the central nervous system, patients often experience effects such as lethargy, nausea, drowsiness, headache, and seizures. In addition, muscle relaxant drugs are addictive and dependent. They are undesirable for those whose profession requires concentration, speed, and reaction. They are not recommended for children and adolescents. The risk group also includes people with eye damage, patients with spinal cord disease or after burns. In addition, it is forbidden to take the remedy in diseases that increase intracranial pressure. Remember that only the doctor can prescribe a course of therapy with medicines of this group and regulate its duration. Correct choice of a remedy and control of its intake reduces the risk of negative effects and complications.

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