InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposer

If you are looking for a top of the line garbage disposer model produced by one of the most reputable names in the industry, then the InSinkErator Evolution Excel brings you the best of both worlds. In fact, the Evolution Excel is regarded as InSinkErator’s child prodigy and it incorporates numerous features to back up the claim that it the garbage disposal of the future.

Some of us don’t really think that investing a bit more in these appliances will make a difference in terms of durability and performance, as we tend to settle for the cheaper, no brand models. After all, it’s a garbage shredder, not the car you drive to work every day, right? How much different could a top notch unit be from a standard version?

Actually, very much! You see, low-end shredders will work decently when grinding certain organic waste for a while. However, in time the motor wears out, the power output decreases, un-shredded food builds up clogs in the pipes and the grinding chamber starts developing fissures. Take a look at all the reviews for garbage disposal units under $50-$100 and you will notice that almost every customer has reported one or more of these issues.

Therefore, it’s actually more profitable to invest in a high quality disposal unit – like the Evolution Excel – developed by a manufacturer with decades of experience in the industry – such as InSinkErator – at least in the long run. But instead of praising their design and construction capabilities, let’s take a look at features proprietary to this model.

Features of InSinkErator Evolution Excel

  • The Evolution Excel is the only garbage disposal unit that operates based on a triple stage grinding cycle so far (Grindshear ring, Tri-Action Lug, Undercutter Disk)
  • The Excel version is powered by a 1 Hp motor (Dura-Drive), providing the highest shredding output in the industry
  • This unit introduces the Jam Sensor technology, which has the role of detecting a potential jam and subsequently, boosting the motor’s torque by 500% in order to eliminate it
  • It incorporates powerful sound cancelation technology (Quiet Collar, SoundSeal Plus, optimal insulation, patented baffle, etc.) in order to decrease noise output proprietary to the operation
  • The Excel garbage disposer appliance can be installed very easily via the triple-bolt Quick Lock system
  • The compact dimensions of the unit (14 inches in height, 11 inches in width and 14 inches in depth) guarantee that it will not require a substantial amount of space under the sink
  • The total weight of the Evolution Excel is 23 pounds and the capacity of internal grinding chamber is of 40 ounce
  • It is constructed from stainless steel materials that confer the unit an extended durability and rustproof capabilities
  • Evolution Excel requires less than a quarter gallon of water for person and consumes no more than half a KWH monthly
  • Comes with an extensive 7 year warranty from InSinkErator that covers the components as well as the labor


The star of the InSinkErator Evolution series, Excel combines the most robust and powerful triple stage grinding system with smart sensors, brilliant design, excellent materials and noise proof operation.