InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposer

 InSinkErator Evolution Compact

InSinkErator Evolution Compact

If you owned a waste disposer before, then you are most likely aware of the common problems associated with it – the annoying noise they emit while operating and relatively low grinding capacities. With almost 80 years of experience, InSinkErator have released an impressive unit that sets new standards in the food waste disposer niche.

The Evolution series – and particularly the Compact model – incorporates the efficient solutions to what used to present unsolvable waste dispose problems. To be more precise, the InSinkErator Evolution Compact unit comes with SoundSeal and MultiGrind technology that reduces the associated noise and ensures a quick and proficient grind of food waste, regardless of the size and consistency.

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Features of InSinkErator Evolution Compact

  • The size of this unit are as follows: 13 inches in length, 9 inches in width and 13 inches in height
  • The Evolution Compact weighs around 22 pounds
  • Don’t let the dimensions of the product fool you, as its design is compact and can fit in perfectly in crowded or limited spaces under the sink
  • The SoundSeal technology guarantees a 30% noise reduction of the device during grinding
  • It incorporates a 3/4 Horsepower Dura-Drive motor with a grinding speed reaching 1725 RPM
  • The MultiGrind technology ensures an efficient liquefying for waste food of all sizes
  • Includes two stages of grinding, that make sure even fine bits of waste are pulverized accordingly without clogs and jams
  • The grinding chamber can withhold around 34.6 ounces of waste food, which is a lot more compared to the vast majority of disposers (the standard capacity is of 26 ounces)
  • The Evolution Compact comes with an installation kit, including a stainless steel stopper for a perfect sealing of the device
  • Thanks to its Quick Lock sink mount system, the installation if fast and straightforward
  • The Evolution Compact benefits from 4 years of warranty for parts and labor


What more could you ask from a waste disposer than to be a reliable and efficient unit that does its job meticulously and silently? Thanks to the SoundSeal technology, the Evolution does not emit vibrations while operating and incorporates sound insulation, allowing you to have a normal conversation while the waste disposer is busily grinding stuff. At the same time, the MultiGrind tech excellence ensures that all food waste ending in the grinding chamber will be properly disintegrated (yes, even those annoying potato peels!)Evolution Compact

Similar to other InSinkErator models, the Evolution compact unit incorporates numerous environmental friendly features. Simply put, you can be certain that this device will not cost you a lot of cash (for water and energy) to operate.

If you were to compare the Evolution Compact’s weight and size to other waste grinders, you would most likely have the wrong impression that this is a rather bulky unit. However, as most customers put it, one of the elements they appreciate most regarding this device consists of its compact design. There is no doubt that the Evolution Compact is ideal for small condos and apartments as well as for kitchen’s designs with limited cabinet space.


While it is rather difficult to find a fault associated with these amazing waste disposers, there is one worth mentioning: the lack of a plug end. Essentially, the Evolution Compact uses a hardwired system, meaning that it is recommended you hire a specialized contractor to help you with the installation in the event that you have never fiddled with the electric systems before. Nonetheless, many customers claim that since all the necessary tools for the installation are provided along with the step-by-step instructions, they had no problem in mounting the Evolution Compact waste disposer under the sink.

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Not surprisingly, most customers consider that this InSinkErator models is among the best on the market. The two grinding stages, it incontestable performance, powerful motor and low noise level represent just four out of the numerous features determining customers to give it an almost maximum rating.


Powerful, efficient, silent and perfectly blending with any kitchen design, the InSinkErator Evolution Compact food waste disposer represents an invaluable asset for any home. While it is not the cheapest garbage disposal unit on the market, it is necessary to mention that the device includes several features that guarantee a low water and energy consumption in your household.

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