How To Choose A Garbage Disposal Unit

Because it can help you grind up various scraps of food that normally get washed down the drain and can prevent the sink from clogging and flooding your kitchen, the garbage disposal unit is considered one of the handiest tools around the kitchen. Moreover, since these units are designed to eliminate food waste in a hygienic way, they represent a surefire solution to keeping your kitchen and cooking area as sanitized as possible.

However, it is necessary to mention the fact that not all garbage disposals are able to fulfill their roles properly or are suited for your needs. And, considering the plethora of models on the market, selecting the right one can be quite a challenge. Don’t worry though, as the following steps are aimed to help you reach a decision easier.

1. Horsepower

First off, you will need to evaluate the amount of waste food produced in your household in order to settle on the right motor. Therefore, if you do not cook very often or you generally cook for a small family, a ½ horsepower garbage disposal will work fine for you. On the other hand, if you are cooking every day for a large household, then you should look for a more powerful motor with 3/4 or 1 horsepower.

2. Noise

Irrespective of the horsepower of the food waste disposal, you should know that they emit distinctive levels of noise, an aspect that usually varies from unit to unit based on the manufacturer and model. To put it simply, you need to account for the environment of your home and choose a motor that does not make too much noise as to disturb the activities performed around the house.

3. Grinding

The next step entails deciding on whether you want an unit with continuous grinding or a garbage disposal with batch-feed features. Again, you will need to consider the amount of waste food you need to eliminate as well as the location where you want to install it. It is important to note that the vast majority of batch-feed models on the market are designed to deal with only certain types of food in a single session, whereas the continuous grinding units require more space under the sink entrepreneurshipcanada.

4. Blades

After deciding on a suitable motor and the preferred type of grinding, it is time to consider the blades of the garbage disposal unit. Essentially, the nature of the blades is a good indicator of the food waste you will be able to grind: while the spinning blades are ideal for small amounts of waste, the oscillating one are perfect for breaking down large quantities of aliments rather fast.

5. Installation

At this point, you will have to consider the installation process. In general, the batch-feed waste disposal units can be mounted quick and easy, whereas the continuous models will mostly require you to hire a plumber and possibly an electrician (depending on the model and manufacturer).

6. Warranty

The last thing to account for is the warranty provided for the garbage disposal model you want to purchase. What you should look for is coverage for all vital parts (the chamber of the unit, motor, blades) and in-home service.