How to choose a company to install a water filter

garbage disposal buying guide When choosing a water filter company, you should pay attention to the following characteristics.

  1. Make an analysis of the source water to select the method of water purification, on various microorganisms, trace elements, composition to the smallest molecules. It is necessary to find out the problems that the filter will have to contend with. To do this, you need to pass the water for examination, which will reveal which particular substances exceed the permissible rate. Then, if it turns out that in your water, for example, only iron exceeds the norm. It will be enough for you to install an iron remover, but knowing our water will most likely go off scale indicators of chlorine, hardness salts, organic matter and other impurities in this case will not do without an integrated stationary purification system (flow type or reverse osmosis).
  2. Fill in the questionnaire to determine the size of the filter, the preferred size of the cleaning system. It will be difficult for you to decide on the choice of filter by these parameters, maybe you are not sure that the filter you choose is guaranteed to purify water from your source, then you can entrust the choice to a specialist of the company, they will help with this. Based on the chemical analysis protocol of the source water and the completed questionnaire, the company will not only select the optimal water treatment scheme with the best filters for you, but also guarantee the quality of the purified water.
  3. Determine for yourself what goals you are pursuing: to provide your family with purified water, to water the office workers or supply your mini-production with large volumes of water? For any of the options you can find a profitable solution. Especially for offices, a cleaning device was developed, which has a convenient design for use in crowded rooms and a pleasant design. For mini-production there are a number of special high-performance systems that filter up to 1500 liters per day. For home use, you can choose any system that meets your needs by the number of cleaning steps, design and cost.
  4. Pay attention to companies that offer the widest line of filters for water treatment for both domestic and drinking purposes, which have additional consumables and replaceable cartridges.
  5. Pay attention to reviews, learn about additional services and evaluate the competence of specialists in this field.
  6. Study the company, production, material, range of services.

Each water source is characterized by a specific set of contaminants, which is a determining factor in choosing a water filter. Contamination of drinking water is a very pressing problem facing humanity

According to the World Health Organization, there is only one percent of clean drinking water on our planet that could be consumed without prior purification. But because of the use of poor-quality water causes great harm to the body.

A module equipped with a reverse osmosis membrane is always installed last in the chain, and water comes to it only after preliminary cleaning of mechanical impurities. A special membrane is designed in such a way that only water molecules can pass through its pores, while particles of larger sizes remain on the outside. However, you should take into account that for the passage of water through such a membrane it is required that the pressure in the system be at least 3-3.5 bar. For this purpose, a special pump is often added to the filter kit, which additionally pumps pressure to the desired level. It is important that the company provides additional parts, a pump, bolts and other equipment. Separate models of such devices can be equipped with special UV lamps that can destroy microorganisms that can harm health and completely disinfect water.