Frigidaire Gallery 3/4-HP Continuous Feed Noise Insulation Garbage Disposal

Product Information


  • High-torque grind pro™ magnet motor: creates more power immediately to quickly grind through waste without jamming, using less water and electricity
  • Easy-fit design: compact, lightweight design fits most existing sink mounts for quick installation
  • Exceptional grinding performance: the power, speed and capacity to quickly grind large amounts of food waste into fine particles and efficiently wash them away
  • Continuous-feed operation: dispose of food waste continuously by using wall switch to activate
  • UltraQuiet sound guard: reduces noise for a quieter operation
  • Septic-system safe disposer (for properly-sized septic systems)
  • Stainless-steel grinding system: uses jam-resistant, dual-cutting stainless-steel impellers to resist corrosion and extend the useful life of your disposer
  • Splash guard: keeps food waste from splashing out of disposer while in use
  • Direct-wire connection